Thailand’s Smiles

We all know Thailand as “Land of Smiles”, well not in central Bangkok, but anyway smiles are more common there than any western land.

To make a nice smile you need two thins: nice soul and nice teeth, and not everybody agrees about existence of souls.

The most followed religions in Thailand are Buddhism and Islam, but Theravada Buddhism is far more important in Thailand’s way of smiling.

Theravada means “Teaching of the Ancient Ones”, it’s the oldest Buddhist school and very popular in Thailand, Sri Lanka and continental Southeast Asia.

Well the point about speaking of religions was focusing the
importance of teeth in counties where each holy figure is always smiling.

As Thailand is now a capitalist country many professional dentists go to United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom or Germany to specialize themselves in latest dental treatments and innovative clinical technologies like computerized Xrays and 3D CAD-CAM digital systems.

In many countries holy characters are bearded, but here the most valued national resource is smile and they know how to adjust or recreate the best teeth for your perfect smile.