Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last ones to grow, usually when age is between eighteen and twenty-four, when traditionally a person is expected to develop his adult identity. They are the third set of molar teeth, the most far from your lips. In Korean they are named Sarang nee “사랑니”, something like “love pain teeth” as they erupt when you are supposed to have first love experiences.

Each mouth is a different world and a non properly aligned wisdom tooth is very common. Anyway not always the removal is needed and for example in England the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, which decide how National Public Service operates, states that Wisdom Teeth not aligned shouldn’t be operated, when there isn’t any danger or other reason.

Nevertheless complications and pains due to non aligned widows teeth are quite normal and their extraction is a routine for each dentist. The most effective and used way to extract wisdom teeth is to divide it in four smaller pieces, take them out and then close the gum.

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